Warehouse and Manufacturing

Proven Performance

Our products have a proven success rate in this field and we consistently help organizations resolve Wi-Fi network issues in these challenging environments.


Custom Engineered

We have designed and engineered Wi-Fi network products for the warehouse and manufacturing environments.  We recognize the RF coverage challenges that exist in these areas so our products resolve those specific issues.

Cost Effective

We work closely with our clients and partners to ensure that cost is efficiently spent. You are not forced to order mass quantities of products. We search for the best resolution as far as resource spending.

Download the Warehouse/Manufacturing Vertical Sheet

For information on our Warehouse and Manufacturing solutions, download our vertical sheet here.



Products for Warehouse Locations:

WHSE Patch Antenna with RPTNC, RPSMA or N-Style leads
Polycarbonate Enclosure
AP and Antenna Articulating Drop Mount
8 dBi Warehouse Antenna

Deployed Solutions

AP and Antenna Drop Mount
Polycarbonate Enclosure
AP Universal Drop Mount
AP and Antenna Articulating Mount