Let’s play ball.  Is your team ready for Wi-Fi World Domination this year?  Ours is.  Meet the 2016 AccelTex Solutions All-Star team.


Pitcher: With a beamwidth straighter than an arrow and a fast ball your Uncle Tony would be afraid of, the ATS-OHDP-245-13-4NJ-IC is sure to scare the pants off of any batter.  Be prepared to see sparks fly when this one’s on the mound.



Catcher: Putting his life and limbs in danger, the ATS-APANTARTMNT-UNIV1 can contort to any angle for perfect signal line up each and every time.  Be sure to watch for any steals, ‘cause his arm is on fire this season, with stolen bases on lock down.


1st: Our little left-handed tried and true ATS-OO-245-46-4RPTP-36 has a force field to be reckoned with.  One of the most consistent and steady players on the team, this one is universally awesome.


2nd: Don’t let this little guy fool you, our ATS-OP-245-47-4RPTP-36 is a perfect fit for this All Star team.  Tried and true, anyone would be lucky to have this one on their team.


Short Stop: Nicknamed “The Stud”, our ATS-OHDP-245-1011-4NJ-IC is just that.  Smaller than you’d think, but packs a punch with that arm.  Also quick on his feet and adaptable to a ball coming at him from any angle.


3rd: It’s not called the “Hot Corner” for nothing.  Our ATS-OHDP-245-46-4RPTP-36, has a mid-range arm perfect for all those fast-paced infield plays.  Don’t let his size fool you, he’s all power behind that small frame.


Left Field: For all those high-intensity plays, our ATS-OP-245-810-4RPTP-36 is your guy.  With lightning fast speed and good arm-range, this one is a play maker.  Don’t miss his sliding catches, pure acrobatics on the field.


Center Field: Tall and lanky, this player c overs a lot of ground.  You can’t miss this player on the field.  Our ATS-ID90RD-245-23-1RPTP-IC-W is a multi-use player, fast, agile and flexible.


Right Field: With a slightly smaller field of play, our ATS-OO-245-34-4RPTP-36 is still no joke.  He backs up every play on the field with energy and stamina.  He’s also the little brother to our first baseman and they have been playing together since tee-ball.


Team Management and Coaching Staff

General Manager: Carter J Burke (@cjburke90)

Manager: Chris Marco (@ChrisNMarco)

First Base Coach: Brian Smith (@elonsmitty)

Third Base Coach: Rich Hummel (@accelhummel)