We like our products, but what are other people saying about them?  Take a look below: On our Antennas Love the @AccelTex antenna offerings @CiscoLive #CLUS pic.twitter.com/aEK54OLYtu — Mitch Dickey (@Badger_Fi) July 13, 2016 @wifidownunder Yeah, big halls are a challenge, 14m and 19m high ceilings, using AP224 + ANT-38s and @AccelTex VHD patches in… Read More

What does it mean to truly be channel friendly?  We got asked that question, and we stuck to our guns.  AccelTex Solutions only sells to our Reseller Partners.  Plain and Simple. Why you ask? Because no one else out there protects their reseller partners like we do.  Our Partners bring unique expertise and provide excellent… Read More