Stadiums & Large Public Venues

The AccelTex Solutions stadiums and large public venue product offerings have been designed based on the needs of our clients and partners. Our innovative products fill a gap that exists in many large public venue wi-fi networks and provide reliability and durability for both indoor and outdoor settings.  From under-seat enclosures to handrail antennas to ceiling enclosures to outside enclosures – the AccelTex Solutions stadium product line is dynamic, scalable and helps connect businesses and people throughout a challenging environment.

Underseat Solutions
Ceiling Solutions
Handrail Solutions
Skin Solutions
Solar Solutions

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AccelTex Solutions Under Seat Enclosures

  • Enables stronger RF coverage for the audience seating area in both indoor and outdoor settings

  • Durable enclosures that are weather proof

  • Can withstand power wash sprays

  • Can be easily customized to fit under specific seat height specifications

  • We can further customize our enclosure solutions by delivering on quick turn-around times on low-quantity orders – giving the venue exactly what they want in looks and functionality

AccelTex Solutions Ceiling products

  • Provides strong RF coverage in high-traffic areas such as the concession area, the concourse area, the audience seating area and private suites

  • Enclosures

  • Mounts

  • Antennas

  • AP Covers

AccelTex Solutions Handrail Antenna

  • Supplies two-way RF coverage for any area where handrails are located – making for an overall more efficient wireless system and solid, uninterrupted service

  • Antenna ships with patent-pending universal mount system compatible with multiple types of handrails

  • Antenna is bi-directional. It is two four-lead patch antennas positioned back-to-back to focus RF coverage at two locations at the same time

  • Radomes can be skinned or color-matched to blend with environment

AccelTex Solutions Bollards

  • Allows strong wireless service to be available in outdoor areas such as parking lots, parking garages and stadium entrances.

  • Conveniently hides wi-fi equipment – protecting it from the elements and from theft

  • Bollards can come in different sizes and colors

  • Easy installation

AccelTex Solutions Skin Offering

  • Blends wi-fi equipment into any environment – keeping the venue aesthetics intact

  • Vinyl covers go directly onto the product

  • Does not effect RF range

  • Outdoor rated

  • For more information, visit our Skin Solution page here