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Staggered AP and Omni or Patch Antenna All-Thread Drop Mount

The AccelTex Solutions Staggered AP and Omni or Patch Antenna All-Thread Drop Mount is an updated solution to mount an AP and an Antenna in one location using All-Thread or a Beam Clamp. This mount includes an opening for the antenna leads and allows for the AP to be installed on the bottom level with the Antenna on the top level OR vice-versa.

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23.62” x 10.24” x 4.08” (600x260x103.6mm)


7.05 lbs (3.2 kg)


3/8" All Thread or Beam Clamp

installation environment


compatible ap

Adtran/Bluesocket 1925, Adtran/Bluesocket 1935, Adtran/Bluesocket 2035, Adtran/Bluesocket 3045, Aruba/HP AP-103, Aruba/HP AP-204, Aruba/HP AP-205, Aruba/HP AP-207, Aruba/HP AP-214, Aruba/HP AP-215, Aruba/HP AP-224, Aruba/HP AP-225, Aruba/HP AP-304, Aruba/HP AP-305, Aruba/HP AP-314, Aruba/HP AP-315, Aruba/HP AP-324, Aruba/HP AP-325, Aruba/HP AP-334, Aruba/HP AP-335, Aruba/HP AP-344, Aruba/HP AP-345, Aruba/HP AP-504, Aruba/HP AP-505, Aruba/HP AP-514, Aruba/HP AP-515, Aruba/HP AP-534, Aruba/HP AP-535, Aruba/HP AP-555, Avaya WAO 9122, Cisco 1602e, Cisco 1852e, Cisco 2602e, Cisco 2702e, Cisco 2802e, Cisco 3502e, Cisco 3602e, Cisco 3702e, Cisco 3802e, Cisco Catalyst 9115e, Cisco Meraki MR42E, Cisco Meraki MR53E, Engenius EWS371AP, Extreme AP 245X, Extreme AP 3715e, Extreme AP 3805e, Extreme AP 3825e, Extreme AP 3935e, Extreme AP1130, Meru/Fortinet AP 1010e, Meru/Fortinet AP 1020e, Meru/Fortinet AP 822e, Meru/Fortinet AP 832e, Meru/Fortinet FAP-223C, Meru/Fortinet FAP-423E, Meru/Fortinet FAP-C225C, Meru/Fortinet FAP-S323CR, Meru/Fortinet FAP-S422E, Meru/Fortinet FAP-S423E, Meru/Fortinet FAP-U423EV, Meru/Fortinet OAP-832e, Mojo C-75-E

applicable industries

Enterprise, Hospitality, Transportation, Warehouse

ideal applications

High Density, Indoor Wi-Fi

applicable technology

802.11ac, 802.11ax, 802.11n





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AP and Antenna Mounts, AP Compatibility::ADTRAN/Bluesocket::1925::AP & Antenna Mounts, AP Compatibility::ADTRAN/Bluesocket::1935::AP & Antenna Mounts, AP Compatibility::ADTRAN/Bluesocket::2035::AP & Antenna Mounts, AP Compatibility::ADTRAN/Bluesocket::3045::AP & Antenna Mounts, AP Compatibility::Avaya::WAO 9122::AP & Antenna Mounts, AP Compatibility::Cisco Meraki::MR42E::AP & Antenna Mounts, AP Compatibility::Cisco Meraki::MR53E::AP & Antenna Mounts, AP Compatibility::Cisco::1602e::AP & Antenna Mounts, AP Compatibility::Cisco::1852e::AP & Antenna Mounts, AP Compatibility::Cisco::2602e::AP & Antenna Mounts, AP Compatibility::Cisco::2702e::AP & Antenna Mounts, AP Compatibility::Cisco::2802e::AP & Antenna Mounts, AP Compatibility::Cisco::3502e::AP & Antenna Mounts, AP Compatibility::Cisco::3602e::AP & Antenna Mounts, AP Compatibility::Cisco::3702e::AP & Antenna Mounts, AP Compatibility::Cisco::3802e::AP & Antenna Mounts, AP Compatibility::Cisco::9115e::AP & Antenna Mounts, AP Compatibility::Cisco::9120e::AP & Antenna Mounts, AP Compatibility::Cisco::9130e::AP & Antenna Mounts, AP Compatibility::EnGenius Technologies::EWS371AP::AP & Antenna Mounts, AP Compatibility::Extreme Networks::AP 1130::AP & Antenna Mounts, AP Compatibility::Extreme Networks::AP 245X::AP & Antenna Mounts, AP Compatibility::Extreme Networks::AP 3715e::AP & Antenna Mounts, AP Compatibility::Extreme Networks::AP 3805e::AP & Antenna Mounts, AP Compatibility::Extreme Networks::AP 3825e::AP & Antenna Mounts, AP Compatibility::Extreme Networks::AP 3935e::AP & Antenna Mounts, AP Compatibility::Extreme Networks::WiNG AP 7522E::AP & Antenna Mounts, AP Compatibility::Extreme Networks::WiNG AP 7532E::AP & Antenna Mounts, AP Compatibility::Extreme Networks::WiNG AP 8533E::AP & Antenna Mounts, AP Compatibility::Meru/Fortinet::AP 1010e::AP & Antenna Mounts, AP Compatibility::Meru/Fortinet::AP 1020e::AP & Antenna Mounts, AP Compatibility::Meru/Fortinet::AP 822e::AP & Antenna Mounts, AP Compatibility::Meru/Fortinet::AP 832e::AP & Antenna Mounts, AP Compatibility::Meru/Fortinet::FAP-223C::AP & Antenna Mounts, AP Compatibility::Meru/Fortinet::FAP-423E::AP & Antenna Mounts, AP Compatibility::Meru/Fortinet::FAP-C225C::AP & Antenna Mounts, AP Compatibility::Meru/Fortinet::FAP-S422E::AP & Antenna Mounts, AP Compatibility::Meru/Fortinet::FAP-S423E::AP & Antenna Mounts, AP Compatibility::Meru/Fortinet::FAP-U423EV::AP & Antenna Mounts, AP Compatibility::Meru/Fortinet::OAP 832e::AP & Antenna Mounts, AP Compatibility::Mojo Networks::C-75-E::AP & Antenna Mounts



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AccelTex Solutions AP and antenna mount products are covered by a 1-year Limited Warranty.

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