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RPSMA Bulkhead Jack to Plug Lightning Arrestor

The AccelTex Solutions bi-directional gas discharge tube lightning arrestor protects outdoor equipment from the buildup and discharge of static electricity that affects the operation and lifespan of your network.

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Additional information

frequency range

DC – 5.85 GHz


IEC 6019-15

country of origin




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store category

AP Compatibility::ADTRAN/Bluesocket::1925::Lightning & Surge Suppression, AP Compatibility::ADTRAN/Bluesocket::1935::Lightning & Surge Suppression, AP Compatibility::ADTRAN/Bluesocket::2035::Lightning & Surge Suppression, AP Compatibility::ADTRAN/Bluesocket::3045::Lightning & Surge Suppression, AP Compatibility::Aerohive Networks::AP141::Lightning & Surge Suppression, AP Compatibility::Aerohive Networks::AP245X::Lightning & Surge Suppression, AP Compatibility::Aerohive Networks::AP350::Lightning & Surge Suppression, AP Compatibility::Aruba/Hewlett Packard Enterprise::AP-204::Lightning & Surge Suppression, AP Compatibility::Aruba/Hewlett Packard Enterprise::AP-214::Lightning & Surge Suppression, AP Compatibility::Aruba/Hewlett Packard Enterprise::AP-224::Lightning & Surge Suppression, AP Compatibility::Aruba/Hewlett Packard Enterprise::AP-228::Lightning & Surge Suppression, AP Compatibility::Aruba/Hewlett Packard Enterprise::AP-304::Lightning & Surge Suppression, AP Compatibility::Aruba/Hewlett Packard Enterprise::AP-314::Lightning & Surge Suppression, AP Compatibility::Aruba/Hewlett Packard Enterprise::AP-318::Lightning & Surge Suppression, AP Compatibility::Aruba/Hewlett Packard Enterprise::AP-324::Lightning & Surge Suppression, AP Compatibility::Aruba/Hewlett Packard Enterprise::AP-334::Lightning & Surge Suppression, AP Compatibility::Aruba/Hewlett Packard Enterprise::AP-344::Lightning & Surge Suppression, AP Compatibility::Cradlepoint::AER3100::Lightning & Surge Suppression, AP Compatibility::Cradlepoint::IBR1100::Lightning & Surge Suppression, AP Compatibility::Cradlepoint::IBR600B::Lightning & Surge Suppression, AP Compatibility::Cradlepoint::IBR900::Lightning & Surge Suppression, AP Compatibility::EnGenius Technologies::ECB1200::Lightning & Surge Suppression, AP Compatibility::EnGenius Technologies::ECB1750::Lightning & Surge Suppression, AP Compatibility::EnGenius Technologies::ECB350::Lightning & Surge Suppression, AP Compatibility::EnGenius Technologies::ECB600::Lightning & Surge Suppression, AP Compatibility::EnGenius Technologies::EWS371AP::Lightning & Surge Suppression, AP Compatibility::Extreme Networks::AP 3715e::Lightning & Surge Suppression, AP Compatibility::Extreme Networks::AP 3805e::Lightning & Surge Suppression, AP Compatibility::Extreme Networks::AP 3825e::Lightning & Surge Suppression, AP Compatibility::Extreme Networks::AP 3935e::Lightning & Surge Suppression, AP Compatibility::Meru/Fortinet::AP 1010e::Lightning & Surge Suppression, AP Compatibility::Meru/Fortinet::AP 1020e::Lightning & Surge Suppression, AP Compatibility::Meru/Fortinet::AP 822e::Lightning & Surge Suppression, AP Compatibility::Meru/Fortinet::AP 832e::Lightning & Surge Suppression, AP Compatibility::Meru/Fortinet::FAP-223C::Lightning & Surge Suppression, AP Compatibility::Meru/Fortinet::FAP-224D::Lightning & Surge Suppression, AP Compatibility::Meru/Fortinet::FAP-423E::Lightning & Surge Suppression, AP Compatibility::Meru/Fortinet::FAP-C225C::Lightning & Surge Suppression, AP Compatibility::Meru/Fortinet::FAP-S313C::Lightning & Surge Suppression, AP Compatibility::Meru/Fortinet::FAP-S323C::Lightning & Surge Suppression, AP Compatibility::Meru/Fortinet::FAP-S323CR::Lightning & Surge Suppression, AP Compatibility::Meru/Fortinet::FAP-S423E::Lightning & Surge Suppression, AP Compatibility::Meru/Fortinet::FAP-U423EV::Lightning & Surge Suppression, AP Compatibility::Mist Systems::AP41E::Lightning & Surge Suppression, AP Compatibility::Mist Systems::AP43E::Lightning & Surge Suppression, AP Compatibility::Mojo Networks::C-75-E::Lightning & Surge Suppression, Lightning Arrestor

contact socket

Silver Plated Beryllium

discharge voltage

90 V

contact pin

Silver Plated Beryllium




CuSnZn3 Plated Brass


>= 500 Cycles


1/4-36UNS-2A and 1/4-36UNS-2B

insertion loss
insulation resistance

>= 5000 megaohms

dielectric withstand

1000 V RMS

connector 2 style


connector 1 style

RPSMA Bulkhead Jack

applicable technology

802.11ac, 802.11n

ideal applications

Carpeted Space, High Density, Indoor Wi-Fi, Outdoor Wi-Fi, Stadium

applicable industries

Education, Enterprise, Healthcare, Hospitality, Transportation, Warehouse

compatible ap

Adtran/Bluesocket 1925, Adtran/Bluesocket 1935, Adtran/Bluesocket 2035, Adtran/Bluesocket 3045, Aerohive AP141, Aerohive AP245X, Aerohive AP350, Cradlepoint AER3100, Cradlepoint IBR1100, Cradlepoint IBR600B, Cradlepoint IBR900, Engenius ECB1200, Engenius ECB1750, Engenius ECB350, Engenius ECB600, Engenius EWS371AP, Extreme AP 3715e, Extreme AP 3805e, Extreme AP 3825e, Extreme AP 3935e, Meru/Fortinet AP 1010e, Meru/Fortinet AP 1020e, Meru/Fortinet AP 822e, Meru/Fortinet AP 832e, Meru/Fortinet FAP-223C, Meru/Fortinet FAP-224D, Meru/Fortinet FAP-423E, Meru/Fortinet FAP-C225C, Meru/Fortinet FAP-S313C, Meru/Fortinet FAP-S323C, Meru/Fortinet FAP-S323CR, Meru/Fortinet FAP-S423E, Meru/Fortinet FAP-U423EV, Mojo C-75-E, Zebra/Extreme AP-6522, Zebra/Extreme AP-7522, Zebra/Extreme AP-7532, Zebra/Extreme AP-8232, Zebra/Extreme AP-8533

operating temperature

-40 to 185 F (-40 to 85 C)


DIN Rail Mount and L Bracket


50 ohms

hts code


Warranty Information

AccelTex Solutions lightning and surge suppression products are covered by a 1-year Limited Warranty.

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