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Aruba AP Suspended Ceiling Tile Enclosure Mount (535 Style)

The AccelTex Solutions Aruba AP suspended ceiling tile enclosure mount secures and protects an Aruba 535 AP within a ceiling tile grid. This enclosure mount fits in a standard 2×2 suspended ceiling tile grid opening and is the most convenient and secure method for AP mounting in a suspended ceiling environment. To install the AP:

  • Remove the mounting bar by sliding the bar from the keyholes in the back of the enclosure.
  • Remove the supplied Aruba adaptor bar from the AP.
  • Use the screws to attach the AP to our mounting bar.
  • Slide the mounting bar into the keyholes to lock into place.
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23.75" L x 23.75" W x 1.5" D (603.25mm L x 603.25mm W x 38.1mm D)


3.8 lb (1.72 kg)


Suspended Ceiling Grid

installation environment


compatible ap

Aruba/HP AP-314, Aruba/HP AP-315, Aruba/HP AP-344, Aruba/HP AP-345, Aruba/HP AP-504, Aruba/HP AP-505, Aruba/HP AP-514, Aruba/HP AP-515, Aruba/HP AP-518, Aruba/HP AP-565, Aruba/HP AP-567, Aruba/HP AP-635, Cisco 1562e, Cisco 3802e, Cisco 3802i, Cisco 9162i, Cisco Catalyst 9105AXI, Cisco Catalyst 9120AXE, Cisco Catalyst 9130AXE, Cisco IW9167E, Mist AP32, Mist AP32E, Mist AP33, Mist AP34, Mist AP41, Mist AP41E, Mist AP43, Mist AP43E, Mist AP45, Mist AP45E

applicable industries

Education, Enterprise, Healthcare, Hospitality

ideal applications

Carpeted Space, Indoor Wi-Fi

applicable technology

802.11ac, 802.11ax, 802.11n





lock type

Key Lock

equipment installation

Integrated Mounting Plate using supplied Ceiling Tile Clip that Ships with the AP

enclosure installation

Suspended Ceiling (Includes tabs for securing to building structure)

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AP Compatibility::Aruba/Hewlett Packard Enterprise::AP-515::Suspended Ceiling Enclosure Mount, Ceiling Enclosure Mounts::Suspended Ceiling Enclosure Mounts



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AccelTex Solutions suspended ceiling tile enclosure mount products are covered by a 2-year Limited Warranty.

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