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AccelTex Power 2 Go V1 for the IBR900

The AccelTex Power-2-Go solution is a compact / ruggedized, battery powered solution. This version is designed to power the Cradlepoint IBR600 or IBR900 for up to 10 hours between charges. The innovative kit comes with all the components, cables and connections needed for a stand-alone and fully functional mobile Hotspot. All that is needed is a Cradlepoint Router to begin using. The system also provides an external POE port for adding a Camera, SIP phone or other POE powered network device.

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13" x 11" x 4.5"


5 lbs

compatible ap

Cradlepoint IBR600B, Cradlepoint IBR900

ideal applications

Outdoor Wi-Fi

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AP Compatibility::Cradlepoint::IBR600B::UPS Battery Backup Enclosures, AP Compatibility::Cradlepoint::IBR900::UPS Battery Backup Enclosures, Power 2 Go


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AccelTex Solutions battery products are covered by a 1-year Limited Warranty.

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