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2.4/5 GHz 4/7 dBi 4 Element Indoor/Outdoor Patch Antenna with N-Style

The AccelTex Solutions dual band indoor/outdoor patch antenna is a perfect complement to any enterprise-class AP to achieve directional coverage in your indoor or outdoor space. Each antenna element is optimized for Wi-Fi operation on both 2.4 and 5 GHz. This antenna comes with our integrated flush mount for surface mounting through a thin wall or enclosure door and also ships with our articulating wall and pole mount kit. This highly versatile antenna is suitable for a broad range of indoor and outdoor applications where focused RF coverage of an area is desired.

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Additional information

Antenna Type


radome material


sort value


applicable technology

802.11ac, 802.11n

ideal applications

Carpeted Space, Indoor Wi-Fi, Outdoor Wi-Fi

applicable industries

Education, Enterprise, Healthcare, Hospitality, Transportation, Warehouse

compatible ap

Aerohive AP1130, Avaya WAE 9132, Avaya WAO 9132, Cisco 1532e, Cisco 1562e, Cisco 1562ps, Cisco 1572eac, Cisco 1572ec, Cisco Meraki MR66, Cisco Meraki MR72, Cisco Meraki MR74, Cisco Meraki MR84, Engenius ENH710EXT, Engenius ENS620EXT, Meru/Fortinet FAP-222B, Meru/Fortinet FAP-222C

wind velocity

130 mph (210 km/h)

operating temperature

-40 to 149 F (-40 to 65 C)

installation environment

Indoor or Outdoor

cable type


cable length

36" (910mm)

number of leads



N-Style Plug

pole mount diameter

2" (50mm)

frequency range

2.4-2.5/4.9-5.85 GHz

installation hole diameter

1" (25mm)


Threaded Bolt with Nut and Articulating Wall/Pole Mount


0.9 lb. (0.4 kg.)


5.5" H x 4.7" W x 1.5" D (140mm H x 120mm W x 39 mm D)

max input power

100 W

lighting protection

DC Grounded


50 ohms


> 20 dB


< 2.0:1

vertical beamwidth


horizontal beamwidth





4/7 dBi

store category

AP Compatibility::Aerohive Networks::AP1130::Patch Antennas, AP Compatibility::Avaya::WAE 9132::Patch Antennas, AP Compatibility::Avaya::WAO 9132::Patch Antennas, AP Compatibility::Cisco Meraki::MR66::Patch Antennas, AP Compatibility::Cisco Meraki::MR72::Patch Antennas, AP Compatibility::Cisco Meraki::MR74::Patch Antennas, AP Compatibility::Cisco Meraki::MR84::Patch Antennas, AP Compatibility::Cisco::1532e::Patch Antennas, AP Compatibility::Cisco::1562e::Patch Antennas, AP Compatibility::Cisco::1562ps::Patch Antennas, AP Compatibility::Cisco::1572eac::Patch Antennas, AP Compatibility::Cisco::1572ec::Patch Antennas, AP Compatibility::EnGenius Technologies::ENH710EXT::Patch Antennas, AP Compatibility::EnGenius Technologies::ENS620EXT::Patch Antennas, AP Compatibility::Meru/Fortinet::FAP-222B::Patch Antennas, AP Compatibility::Meru/Fortinet::FAP-222C::Patch Antennas, AP Compatibility::Mist Systems::AP61E::Patch Antennas, Patch::4 Element

Warranty Information

AccelTex Solutions antenna products are covered by a 2-year Limited Warranty.

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