Jussi and his Guntenna

You may want to reconsider that “carry-on only” rule as a Wi-Fi engineer – at least when you have external antennas with you. True story: I went to the (awesomely organized) WLAN Pros Conference in Dallas. I had scheduled to meet Carter from AccelTex while I was there. We did, and locked down our plans of adding all the AccelTex antennas into our Wi-Fi planning and site survey tool.

So you can imagine I was really happy to see an AccelTex antenna in the conference attendee bag.

Little did I know, that little antenna was going to be big trouble.

On my way home, connecting at the London Heathrow airport, the security officer had a “friendly chat” with me, causing me to miss my flight.

Why, you might ask?

“Sir, these things look like bullets”

But, this is what was actually in my bag.


Our guest blogger of the week is Jussi Kiviniemi from Ekahau. Jussi runs the Wi-Fi design tools business there.