AccelTex Solutions offers a wide range of durable polycarbonate enclosures to protect valuable network equipment from environmental threats and tampering.

Our enclosures are available in multiple sizes with different options such as different door and lock types. We can also further customize enclosures with pre-drilled holes compatible with specific network Access Point (AP) connectors.

If your wireless solution requires that equipment be protected or hidden for aesthetic reasons, AccelTex will have the enclosure to meet your needs.  We design and manufacture solutions that are deployed for all types ofenvironments, from the smallest phone closets to the largest public venues.  We will work with you to develop a solution that will meet yourneeds.

AccelTex Solutions offers standard non-metallic enclosures that can be modified to adapt to the most extreme conditions.  Whether it’s an industrial freezer, or an equipment shack in the desert, our engineers will provide you with a solution tailored for your specific environment.

Durable polycarbonate enclosures to protect valuable network equipment from environmental threats and tampering.

This enclosure mount fits in a standard 2×2 suspended ceiling tile grid opening and is the most convenient and secure method for AP mounting in a suspended ceiling environment.

AP Covers provide an aesthetically-pleasing way to conceal enterprise APs from environmental threats and tampering.

These enclosures are specifically designed to install flush with the mounting surface – creating a smooth, seamless appearance.

In-ground enclosures are designed to be installed underground to provide network coverage in outdoor environments while concealing the equipment.

Under seat enclosures protect APs from tampering and environmental threats.  These enclosures can be further customized in size and colors to meet aesthetic needs.

Bollards are designed to protect wireless equipment in outdoor environments.

Our heated & cooled enclosures allow an access point to be installed in an outdoor or other temperature-limiting environment.

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Large Public Venues



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