This Blog post authored by Ryan Tyson


I know we have heard it once, maybe twice, but man… can a warehouse be a nuisance to an RF environment or what? This week, I thought I would share a product that has had many success stories in the Wi-Fi world for 2018-2019. Yes, it’s none other than our very own 13 dBi warehouse antenna.

Warehouse deployments can be some of the most challenging RF environments to navigate when deploying wireless solutions for the 2.4/5 GHz spectrum. AccelTex has designed a specialized antenna for the long, narrow, and tight rack isles experienced in the distribution/warehouse environments of today. Not to mention, the high ceilings and often awkward mounting areas found in these environments cause further frustrations. The antenna in question boast a 120° vertical plane coupled with a 15° horizontal plane to help solve for these challenges.


Recently, I had the opportunity to work with a partner that had issues with their current design. The design in question was not achieving the coverage pattern required from the current omni antennas, that were being mounted from a 40 ft ceiling. We offered up sample 13 dBi antenna’s and the antennas were configured at both ends of the isle, and in some scenarios shooting straight down. From 35 feet, we were experiencing coverage up to 500 – 600 ft+ down the racks. Now that’s pretty impressive given the orientation of the antenna! Like all solutions, there is never a one size fits all solution. With there being so many variables and disruptions in the environment, it can be tough to pin point an issue to solve all the problems with a single antenna type. Some issues that cause the above disruptions involve too many AP’s or not enough AP’s, antenna orientation, RF interference from the type of products stored in the racks, and AP power to name a few. Every engineer has their own style and we all know there are multiple ways to design and deploy. As we continue to venture through the dynamic world of RF, we at AccelTex try to adapt and make great products that solve real world challenges. Maybe the 13 dBi antenna is not the right solution for all warehouse environments, however it’s a great solution for most.


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