So who had some fun in San Diego?  I know we did.  Cisco Live is getting bigger and better every year, and after a week of learning and so much thought-provoking conversation, all the little details of the week can get lost.

So to help you out, we are going to recap some of the highlights and what you saw (or didn’t get a chance to see for those who had to stay home).

What’s New
We debuted a new Suspended Ceiling Enclosure Mount, some PoE Heated and PoE Heated and Cooled Enclosures and a cool new Heavy Duty Articulating Mount for the Cisco AIR-ANT2566P4W-R patch antenna.

patch antennas
Suspended Ceiling Enclosure Mount Best Feature: Door is removable, repositionable and can be changed out for future upgrades to another AP. Pretty awesome!

patch antennas
ATS-12126-S-L-4T-CG-POE-HC-OO-46 (left) and ATS-14126-S-L-4T-CG-POE-H (right)
PoE Enclosure Best Feature: Completely plug-and-play, these enclosures ship with a 50W PoE injector, adjustable thermostat, heater and a fan (Heated & Cooled version only), lightning protection, cable assemblies and RA adapters to make installing the AP easier than ever.  Various options available with and without an integrated omni antenna.  Also, supports Cisco UPoE power input (no power injector needed).

Articulating Mount Best Feature: +/- 85 deg V and +/- 60 deg H articulation, attaches to a wall or up to a 2″ pole and is as heavy duty as you could ask for. Pretty nice!

Oldies, but Goodies
Antennas – boy, do we have some antennas!  Nice, small form factors, sharp-looking and come with some awesome mounts for almost any mounting situation.

patch antennas
Our ATS-OO-245-34-4RPTP-36 (pictured left) antenna, is our lowest gain omni (3/4 dBi) perfect for smaller cells of coverage.  It’s very small and looks great on a ceiling.  The big brother to our 3/4 omni is our ATS-OO-245-46-4RPTP-36 omni antenna.  This is a 4/6 dBi antenna and is still very small.  We have gotten A LOT of positive feedback on this antenna and it’s perfect for indoor or outdoor coverage and is still very inconspicuous.  Both omnis ship with our versatile omni wall/pole mount.

If you’re looking for more directional coverage, then we’ve got you covered there too!

patch antennas
The ATS-OP-245-47-4RPTP-36 (lower gain of 4/7 dBi) and the ATS-OP-245-810-4RPTP-36 (higher gain at 8/10 dBi) patch antennas allow more focused coverage areas and are perfect for spotlight coverage in high ceiling environments.  These antennas ship with an articulating mount with degree markings (yay!) that allow the antennas to be aligned as needed.

Still need more focused coverage for a stadium or high density deployment?  Well, then these are what you need!

patch antennas
Our ATS-OHDP-245-1011-4NJ-IC and ATS-OHDP-245-13-4NJ-IC feature 30-50 degrees of coverage, have both H and V Polarized elements and ship with our heavy duty articulating wall/pole mount.  The mount has degree markings for precise antenna aiming and the antenna has integrated N-Style Jack connectors perfect for connecting to any AP Cisco offers with the use of our cable assemblies in a number of lengths and connector combinations.

Did you know?
AccelTex Solutions also has a Light/Load Controller (our EnergyLynk product line) that is integrated with Cisco Energy Manager (CEM) to measure, manage and control lights and electrical loads.  Pretty neat and no one else out there is as fully integrated into CEM as we are. For more details on the EnergyLynk product line, how it works, what it does and the integration into CEM, click here.


This past Cisco Live was amazing.  We got to see old friends, and make new ones.  We always value feedback, recommendations, and the opportunity to work on any custom projects you have.

Can’t wait to see you in Vegas next year!