View a quick presentation by our Wi-Fi Antennas & Cabling Product Manager – Connor Burke. He goes over setting up a Wi-Fi network in one of the most challenging environments – Warehouses.  This presentation is from the 2023 WLPC Conference in Phoenix.  … Read More

Designing Wi-Fi with external antennas creates new possibilities for shaping Wi-Fi coverage in hard-to-reach places. The added control provided by external antennas can be a requirement for many challenging designs, but it can also add unnecessary complications to others. In this webinar, we’ll dive into the 4 questions you need to ask yourself (and your… Read More

Warehouse Networks: The WLPC events hosted by the Wireless Lan Professionals are one of the most valuable events to attend in the Wi-Fi and wireless industry.  In 2022, we had the honor to attend both the WLPC Phoenix event in February and the WLPC Prague event held in October. The WLPC Prague event had been… Read More