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AccelTex and Hubbell Premise Wiring at 2022 Fall BICSI Conference

AccelTex Solutions will be bringing a wide variety of Wi-Fi and wireless network products to display at the booth.  Here are a few that we’re going to feature.   Our new Universal Access Point (AP) Articulating Mount Version 2 allows an AP and an antenna to be mounted in the same location. This mount allows… Read More

AccelTex and Hubbell Premise Wiring

For digital infrastructure buildouts, look for a total end-to-end solution. Hubbell Premise Wiring and AccelTex offer everything for fiber optic cabling, copper cabling, wireless networking, along with metal enclosures and support equipment. Our full range of network infrastructure solutions offer you a strong foundation for meeting future technology needs. You get high performance, easy installation… Read More

PoE Heated/Heated & Cooled Enclosures Video

Here is a quick instructional video meant to assist customers using one of our heated or heated and cooled enclosures. It’s an overview meant to remind customers to first check that their equipment will fit in the area of the backplate provided. It then goes over different features such as situational mounting, utilizing a cord… Read More

Solar Solutions Success Story

  We’ve recently upgraded our entire Solar Solutions suite by updating the battery type to Lithium Ion and modifying the enclosure sizes. With the 2020 pandemic, many businesses and organizations – including educational institutions – have had to adjust how they run their operations.  This includes their Wi-Fi infrastructures. Here is a blog from a… Read More

Customization Success Story 1

CHALLENGE: Client needed a custom Wi-Fi set-up that was also aesthetically pleasing In a high-density environment (Arena) A need to develop custom-shaped enclosures with custom backplates and angled mounts inside   SOLUTION: Developed custom enclosures Backplates and mounts inside of the enclosure can be easily adjusted Enclosures are colored or skinned to match their environment… Read More

Cisco Live 2019

“AMAZING!” That’s the word the majority of our staff would use when describing this year’s Cisco Live show  – which took place in San Diego, June 9 – June 13.  This year was the 30th anniversary of the event and it definitely showed with the amount of extra flair provided for attendees throughout the city. … Read More

Complex RF Environments in a WHSE

This Blog post authored by Ryan Tyson ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————– I know we have heard it once, maybe twice, but man… can a warehouse be a nuisance to an RF environment or what? This week, I thought I would share a product that has had many success stories in the Wi-Fi world for 2018-2019. Yes, it’s none other than… Read More

RF Connectors Explained

RP, N, SMA, blah, blah blah.  What?  The world of Wi-Fi connectors is confusing.  But not to worry, we’ve got you covered.  See below for a primer on the most common connector types for Wi-Fi radios. Oh, and by the way, the same rules apply for any RF connector, on an adapter, cable assembly or… Read More

Guide to Using External Antennas – Clear to Send Podcast Episode 72

Why should you use external antennas in your Wi-Fi environment? There are many reasons you should use them. In this episode, we talk about what to look for in external antennas, what to watch out for when deploying them, and what details to keep in mind. Check it out here.… Read More

Basic RF Math and WiFi: What you don’t know can’t hurt you, but it can make you sound awfully silly

Part One – Watt? I Can’t Hear You Over The Bels If you’re going to call yourself an engineer, you need to do math.  Sorry, but that’s a rule.  When I was an electrical engineering student, we always held ourselves above civil and mechanical engineers, because we had to do more complex mathematics in order… Read More

There’s a First Time for Everything…Reflections on my first WLPC

I must admit, I wasn’t sure what to expect when coming in for the WLPC. I heard this was a great event, but I was curious what set it apart from every other wireless industry event. It became abundantly clear as soon as I arrived… Our industry has a ton of incredibly smart, personable, and… Read More

AccelTex 2016 All Star Team

Let’s play ball.  Is your team ready for Wi-Fi World Domination this year?  Ours is.  Meet the 2016 AccelTex Solutions All-Star team.   Pitcher: With a beamwidth straighter than an arrow and a fast ball your Uncle Tony would be afraid of, the ATS-OHDP-245-13-4NJ-IC is sure to scare the pants off of any batter.  Be… Read More

Planes, Gains and Beamwidths

Reading Radiation patterns can sometimes be a little tricky.  But, have no fear, AccelTex is here to help you decipher these magical lines! Let’s start with this fun fact: antennas are based on mathematical theory.  There are 4 electrical characteristics of antennas that influence each other: Frequency Gain Polarization Beamwidth When you change one of… Read More

Understanding Dual Polarized Antennas

High density is becoming the norm.  Everyone has multiple devices traveling with them at all times and we all require more and more bandwidth.  We have all been in situations where having no Wi-Fi is sometimes better than bad Wi-Fi.  If you have Wi-Fi, it has to be good and support any and all applications… Read More

CWNP 2015 San Francisco Recap

It was our first appearance at the CWNP Wi-Fi Trek, and it was a great one! We got to catch up with old friends, met some new friends and spent a lot of time talking shop. It’s always a treat to get together with a great group of techies that love Wi-Fi! We hope you… Read More

What People Are Saying about AccelTex

We like our products, but what are other people saying about them?  Take a look below: On our Antennas Love the @AccelTex antenna offerings @CiscoLive #CLUS — Mitch Dickey – 🦡📶 (@Badger_Fi) July 13, 2016 Yeah, big halls are a challenge, 14m and 19m high ceilings, using AP224 + ANT-38s and @AccelTex VHD patches… Read More

Cisco Live 2015 Recap

So who had some fun in San Diego?  I know we did.  Cisco Live is getting bigger and better every year, and after a week of learning and so much thought-provoking conversation, all the little details of the week can get lost. So to help you out, we are going to recap some of the… Read More

Cisco Live 2015 Here We Come!

  Going to Cisco Live San Diego?  We will be there!  Be sure and stop by booth 1637 to see the latest in Wi-Fi gear, grab a cool camo koozie and enter to win a complete suite of antennas! Hint Hint: in order to be eligible to win the antenna bundle, you must be a… Read More


Since the #ISpyWiFi hashtag has taken on a life of its own since we helped to launch it years ago, we’re now dedicating this page to #ISpyWifi and #AccelTex – where the AccelTex Solutions’ Wi-Fi installations of the world are archived. 🙂 Look what we found @CiscoLive #CLUS #ISpyWifi @AccelTex — Mitch Dickey (@Badger_Fi)… Read More

15 Steps to Success in VHD (Very High Density)

The masses are driving the constant need for Wi-Fi.  And not only Wi-Fi, but really good, really fast Wi-Fi.  So, how do we deliver? Devin Akin, CEO of Divergent Dynamics, specializes in the field and has put together 15 steps to success in these environments. 15 Steps to Success in VHD by Devin Akin Enjoy… Read More

Webinar: Using External Antennas Indoors

Link to the Ekahau and AccelTex Webinar Slides L to the Recorded Webinar In this 1-hour webinar, Jussi Kiviniemi, VP of Wi-Fi tools at Ekahau will be talking to Carter Burke, CEO/Co-Owner at AccelTex Solutions. Carter and Jussi will discuss indoor antennas and will cover best practices as well as a live demo of network design with… Read More

We Love Our Partners

What does it mean to truly be channel friendly?  We got asked that question, and we stuck to our guns.  AccelTex Solutions only sells to our Reseller Partners.  Plain and Simple. Why you ask? Because no one else out there protects their reseller partners like we do.  Our Partners bring unique expertise and provide excellent… Read More


You may want to reconsider that “carry-on only” rule as a Wi-Fi engineer – at least when you have external antennas with you. True story: I went to the (awesomely organized) WLAN Pros Conference in Dallas. I had scheduled to meet Carter from AccelTex while I was there. We did, and locked down our plans… Read More