This Blog post authored by Ryan Tyson ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————– I know we have heard it once, maybe twice, but man… can a warehouse be a nuisance to an RF environment or what? This week, I thought I would share a product that has had many success stories in the Wi-Fi world for 2018-2019. Yes, it’s none other than… Read More

Let’s play ball.  Is your team ready for Wi-Fi World Domination this year?  Ours is.  Meet the 2016 AccelTex Solutions All-Star team.   Pitcher: With a beamwidth straighter than an arrow and a fast ball your Uncle Tony would be afraid of, the ATS-OHDP-245-13-4NJ-IC is sure to scare the pants off of any batter.  Be… Read More

We like our products, but what are other people saying about them?  Take a look below: On our Antennas Love the @AccelTex antenna offerings @CiscoLive #CLUS — Mitch Dickey (@Badger_Fi) July 13, 2016 @wifidownunder Yeah, big halls are a challenge, 14m and 19m high ceilings, using AP224 + ANT-38s and @AccelTex VHD patches in… Read More