Our vinyl covers or “skins” are an innovative way to hide wi-fi products by blending them into any environment.

  • The skins go directly on the product and can also be easily removed if necessary

  • The skins can be made to match into any background including rock, foliage, brick and wood

  • The skins do NOT effect RF coverage

  • They are outdoor-rated and are durable enough to withstand outdoor environments

  • Eliminates the need to go to an additional resource after product purchase to make the wi-fi product match the environment.  Everything is taken care of in one step – streamlining the purchase process and reducing turn-around times on deployment completion.

  • **The life expectancy of the vinyl skin cover is 3-5 years depending on the amount of  direct sun exposure.  The vinyl is laminated so it has an extra layer of protection.  Laminating vinyl helps with durability – protecting against UV rays, scratches, and fading.** 


Skins FAQs

Click here for our Q & A informational document on the Skinning process.






Deployed Solutions

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For pricing information, please contact a representative at or 1-888-406-8906