Customized Solutions

We design, engineer and manufacture Wi-Fi products and accessories for any setting based on client need.

What Separates Us From The Rest:

  • In-House Engineering capabilities

  • Low order quantity options available

  • Quick turn-around time

  • Additional custom option: Vinyl skins to blend Wi-Fi product into the environment


  • Any style, any size
  • Low order quantities
  • Additional custom option – vinyl skin to match environment
  • Indoor and/or Outdoor rated
  • Variety of stock colors available
  • Short lead time
  • In-House engineering capabilities



ABS Ceiling Tile Enclosure for Patch Antenna

Patch Antenna mounted on Clear Door Enclosure

Patch Antenna mounted on Solid Enclosure with an articulating mount

Patch Antenna directly mounted on Solid Enclosure Door

Custom-Sized Bollard

Complete Solar Solution for Remote Application

Custom Dual 45° Antenna and AP Dome Enclosure

Customized Under Seat Enclosure

Double Stack AP and Antenna Enclosure

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  • Custom cable lengths and connector combinations
  • Develop gain and beamwidth options for your specific need
  • Custom colors for antennas
  • Additional custom option – vinyl skin cover to match antenna environment
  • Low order quantities
  • Short lead time
  • Can deploy multiple antenna mounting option based on your specifications

Direct Connect Patch Antennas

Rugged Outdoor 4/6 dBi Omni

Dual Directional Handrail Antenna

WHSE 13 dBi Patch Antenna: "Battle Axe"

Versatile 4-Element 4/7 dBi Indoor/Outdoor Patch Antenna - "Everyman's Antenna"

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  • Custom colors available
  • Design and develop to your specific need
  • Easily adapt any antenna or AP for the mount
  • Can customize mount for different APs or mounting surface & directions
  • In-House engineering capabilities
  • Low order quantities
  • Short lead time



Adjustable Pole Mount

Dual Antenna Drop Mount

Omni/Patch Antenna & AP Drop Mount

Co-Location Articulating Mount

Custom Mount for Cisco 4800 AP

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