Welcome to AccelTex Solutions

AccelTex Solutions engineers and manufactures products and accessories for wireless networks – connecting businesses and people around the world.


Wi-Fi Experience

Over 20+ years of experience in the wireless industry with a sole focus on Wi-Fi products.  We know wireless infrastructures.  Our team solves complex wireless network issues by providing innovative solutions tailored to their specific environment.



Fast Service

We have a reputation for being quick and efficient with our response and project turn-around times.  That’s because we’ve streamlined all of our processes so businesses experience shortened time-frames and quick return-on-investments.



Our unique customization process is what sets us apart.  From proof-of-concept to delivery, we work closely with our clients and partners to develop state-of-the-art products and solutions that integrate seamlessly into wireless networks to provide solid, reliable Wi-Fi service.

[mpc_carousel_testimonial loop=”true” auto_slide=”true” delay=”3500″ rows=”1″ cols=”2″ gap=”6″ start_at=”1″ mpc_navigation__preset=”default”][mpc_testimonial preset=”default” testimonial_font_preset=”preset_0″]”AccelTex recently introduced a special antenna with a 15(H) x120 (V) beamwidth that is absolutely FANTASTIC  for meeting warehouse coverage needs.”

-Wi-Fi expert blogger





[/mpc_testimonial][mpc_testimonial testimonial_font_preset=”preset_0″]”AccelTex Solutions’ far-reaching expertise in antennas and RF issues proved invaluable.”

-Tom W.


[/mpc_testimonial][mpc_testimonial testimonial_font_preset=”preset_0″]”Excellent company to deal with! High quality antennas coupled with unsurpassed customer service is a winning combination. AccelTex is innovative with new, cutting-edge products and also can supply any other antenna you could ever need!”

-Brett A.



[/mpc_testimonial][mpc_testimonial testimonial_font_preset=”preset_0″]”Our go-to vendor for anything Wi-Fi related (antennas, NEMA, RF adapters, you name it)…If you are in the market for a supplier, definitely try them out. Great support and they have that small-business vibe – always reachable and very accountable.”

-Ali S.

[/mpc_testimonial][mpc_testimonial testimonial_font_preset=”preset_0″]”Great products and customer service that is second to none. They have a versatile solution for any situation and/or environment!”

-Mitch D.

[/mpc_testimonial][mpc_testimonial testimonial_font_preset=”preset_0″]”We’ve worked with AccelTex for several years now. They continue to provide excellent customer service and superior products. Great company – very easy to do business with.”

-J Holmes[/mpc_testimonial][/mpc_carousel_testimonial]